Escape Room

 This 16 minute video gives a good introduction to escape rooms. 

What is an Escape Room?

An escape/puzzle room is a role play adventure played out in a themed room where participants solve puzzles and search for clues to find ways to work through the room to a hidden goal. The most common puzzle type yields a combination for a lock or the location of a key. Some puzzles are multi-stage, requiring a variety of talents from the puzzle solving group. It is an excellent way to build a team or allow friends to have a challenging, fun, and entertaining experience. 

Who is it for?

  • Teams of coworkers looking for a team building event
  • Couples looking for a fun date night
  • Family gatherings
  • Birthday, graduation, bachelor/bachelorette, holiday parties
  • Anyone looking for a puzzling adventure

What ages would enjoy an escape room?

Our First Mission room is designed for children 6-11 to do without their grown ups. Our other rooms are geared for adults with an easy mode for younger or beginning players.

Am I paired with strangers?

All rooms are private.  You will not be paired with strangers. 

What kinds of puzzles are there?

The puzzles are as diverse and creative as the puzzle masters who design them. Some borrow concepts from technology or history. Others are word puzzles. Still others are detective style conundrums. Puzzle solvers may expect to call on all of their senses, from touch to smell to taste. Successful teams often have a wide variety of personality types on them. One person might be a mathematics lover while another might be the kind who notices small details. There is certainly a place for a team member who supports and encourages the others.

What size group should I bring?

  • We recommend teams of 2-6 players for each room. 
  • We can run the rooms simultaneously for larger groups. 
  • Larger groups can make use of our party room in Lakewood.  Half the people enjoy party games and a bit of socialization while the other half experience the puzzle room.  After an hour, the groups switch. in Golden, there are numerous eating establishments and shops to go to while you wait.

How much?

  • The room for kids, First Mission is $20 per participant.  
  • All the other rooms are are $27 per participant.
  • Minimum of 2 participants in a room.

When can I come?

  • Reservations are required.  Please call or book online.
  • We are open everyday except Wednesday
  • Please see the reservation page for list of start times.
  • For custom start times please call us at (303) 396-7359

What are some tips for success?

Communication is vital for a positive puzzle experience. In order to have a satisfying experience, the team must function as an interconnected unit. It is good to know in advance what kinds of locks are being used, and how they are operated. Most escape rooms have a clue-giving component. The team can usually ask the puzzle master for a hint if they are bogged down or running out of time. This leads to the next important strategy; pay attention to time. Sometimes there might be a fascinating puzzle that absorbs group members. Since the goal is to be entertained and delighted, this is fine. The team does not necessarily need to attain the final goal if they are having a good time with the challenges. One final note on communication; there are some helpful roles for team members. A recorder is one who keeps track on paper of what everyone has discovered. This person is also an ideal person to make sure that everyone is made aware of every discovery. Since there are many multi-stage puzzles, it is helpful for all to know what has been discovered. The results of one puzzle just might be critical to the solution of another one. Above all, there needs to be a sense of team spirit and shared goals and experiences. A team will probably want to debrief after the escape room experience and then develop strategies for being even more powerful in the next puzzle/escape room.