The Golden Puzzle Room is a small group, escape room adventure game.  You and your friends, family or coworkers have 60 minutes to search the room for clues and solve puzzles in order to reach the ultimate goal. Keen perception and good communication skills are the keys to success and loads of fun!

Golden Location

The Nightingale


 The Nightingale of Immortality has been captured and taken away. The Emperor is heartbroken and ill. You must find the nightingale and return it. You have tracked the bird to the Golden Tea House. Search quickly, as you only have one hour before Death comes knocking at the Emperor’s door. 

Strike it Rich!


Eccentric millionaire Daniel Tucker is giving away his gold mine to the most worthy miners. The Gambit Gold Mine has been in his family for quite some time but hasn’t been in operation for over 60 years. Mr. Tucker is ready to part with the mine but only to the miners who can navigate a set of challenges and find a vein of gold in just one hour. Do you have what it takes to strike it rich?

Lakewood Location

The Lighthouse


You are stranded on an island with an abandoned lighthouse. Your boat is in ruins and your supplies are low. Is that a ship on the horizon? If only you could send a signal. But wait, what if you can get the lighthouse to shine again?  Better hurry- that ship will be out of range soon.  Can you fix it in time?

First Mission


Greeting Puzzle Sleuths. The Alphabet Gang has challenged you to a puzzling duel! They have left a series of mysterious clues for you in the Puzzle Sleuth clubhouse.  Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the clues, reveal a secret message and obtain a hidden object. The reputation of the Golden Puzzle Sleuths is at stake. We need you to prove that there is no puzzle we can’t solve, no clue we can’t find and no treasure we can’t unlock.  Good luck.

Rocky Mountain Zephyr


 No one is in the locomotive cab and the Rocky Mountain Zephyr is rolling down the line. You are the only ones left aboard as it barrels down the track. Dispatch says you only have one hour before the train rolls through High Point Curve. A train going that fast would surely jump the rails and plummet down the cliff.  Can you stop the train before it gets there? 

Party Room


The spacious kitchen and seating area at our Lakewood location is perfect for gatherings, parties, or meetings (whether or not you plan to experience an escape room). Let us host your next birthday or team morale event. Send us a message via our Contact page or give us a call and we can help arrange all the details.

Amenities: Fridge/Freezer, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Bluetooth/Radio/CD, Whiteboard, TV, WiFi.

Sorry, there is no party room at our Golden location but, there are numerous restaurants, cafe's and saloons a few steps away.

Room Rate: $25/hour